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Now, more than TWO hundreds EP's and singles covers!
UPDATED! (Nov. 2017)
Plus Rare Australian EP's Box-set !
Also the Reel to Reel Album !


The man who co-wrote songs with Buddy Holly
R.I.P. (February 2009)


6 CD's Boxset issued october 30, 2009
Limited edition : 7000

Track listing


Curiosities (from Dominique "Imperial" Anglares)
Mexican single with typo

Chilean single


New Find : Jack Huddle's "Xma"s Acetate (from Scott Lehman)

The Music Didn't Die - Release date sept. 11, 2009 - Track list

Everyday: Getting closer to Buddy Holly by Spencer Leigh

Freeman Hover 1957 Interview with Eddie Cochran
transcribed by Doug Bennett

Buddy's guitar in Paris!

Hollybilly - 1956 Complete Recordings

New! The Complete Buddy Holly DVD by Purple Chick

(New acetate - 3CD Box "Chronicles"

"Gotta Roll - The Early Recordings 1949-1955"

The new albums : "Memorial Collection", "Down The Line - Rarities"

The "Ultimate Complete Buddy Holly"